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A plugin to create a model for the Logz

jeudi 2 juillet 2009 [12:57:19]

Here is a plugin to easily create a model for a Logz : choose the columns arrangement and then fill them at your leisure. You can then display the code, and cut/paste it in a new model (to create one, chose any model and click on the duplication icon. Give a name to your model, then it appears with personal models). Download (25ko, Copyleft Licence Art Libre)

Cet article existe aussi en version française.

To "install it", just put the files in the "plugins" folder (you need to have an ftp access to directories of logz). There are the plugin : gest_creer_modele.php, and a folder creer_modele who contain the style sheet and the pictures necessary to the good working of the plugin. Once the file are in the right place, the plugin will appear as a tab in the management interface.

Depending on your version of logz, there will maybe two compatibility problems :

  • I made a model with the diary, but it does not appear (version prior to 1.4.2) : you need the $AgendaSeul variable. Go to "script" folder, then edit the "cal_agenda.php" file. At the end of the document, add the line "$AgendaSeul = div($Agenda,"agenda");" just before "/*** remplissage de la variable agenda ***/".
  • I'm in the "creer_modele" tab, it was empty (version prior to 1.4.0) : it's maybe due to the line 13, "if (!isset($GestionOn)) exit;", delete it. If that do not work, the best thing to do is uptade your Logz (you have nothing to lose, it is better and better).

I created this tools because I have trouble with "cal_droite" and "spl_agend", I thought that the easiest way to choose a model was to create itself. I hop it will serve you well !

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