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Video presentation of the concept of sessions in Firefox

dimanche 9 mai 2010 [22:56:56]

Here is the demonstration video about my idea of session in Firefox. It take up the example of the previous article (Sessions in Firefox : session by navigation themes to split the history ), in adding the "home page" of sessions : about-session (who is still a preliminary sketch).

Session in Firefox : demonstration

I can't consider the thinking of Rob Szumski, who proposed that the browser make the sessions itself, but I'm going to thinking about.

If you have any suggestion / critics / comments,please leave comments or discuss on the Google Group Mozilla Labs Concept Serie or the Mozilla Concept Serie tool.

view of the page about:session in the browser

about:sessions, home page of sessions

the options of the session button

Session button in the tool bar

the options in the session menu

The content of the session menu

Cet article existe aussi en version française.

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