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Video presentation of the concept of sessions in Firefox

dimanche 9 mai 2010 [22:56:56]

Here is the demonstration video about my idea of session in Firefox. It take up the example of the previous article (Sessions in Firefox : session by navigation themes to split the history ), in adding the "home page" of sessions : about-session (who is still a preliminary sketch).

Session in Firefox : demonstration

I can't consider the thinking of Rob Szumski, who proposed that the browser make the sessions itself, but I'm going to thinking about.

If you have any suggestion / critics / comments,please leave comments or discuss on the Google Group Mozilla Labs Concept Serie or the Mozilla Concept Serie tool.

view of the page about:session in the browser

about:sessions, home page of sessions

the options of the session button

Session button in the tool bar

the options in the session menu

The content of the session menu

Cet article existe aussi en version française.

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Sessions in Firefox : session by navigation themes to split the history

lundi 28 décembre 2009 [22:04:06]

I propose to make browsing "sessions", each with its own history and bookmarks. That will reduce the size of the history, simplify his browsing, and allow to find without problem websites visited there some time on the same theme. The basic idea is similar to that of profiles, with a separation much thinner : we can changing of session in two clicks without changing window. In summary :

  • One session = one history
  • The change of session done in two clicks and does not need to open a new window
  • Bookmarks that are not in the current session are moved aside but available
  • Addons are shared, with the possibility to determine their presence or absence of each session.
  • Settings can be customized for each session
  • We can export and share sessions


The principe of sessions is to split navigation history in several parts according to the navigation topic, to the reasons of browsing. Because :

  • we go on Internet to complete tasks, objectives,
  • for each task, we visit a lot of websites,
  • we often makes tasks in several times,
  • we do the tasks one by one...
  • ...but we do a lot of tasks per day

In concrete terms, we have we have different "themes" navigation. For instance, I spend an hour to compare schools for my orientation, then I visit 50 links recovered via Twitter, then I make a search on a subject that I had not adress for several months, then I search pictures for a montage, then I read somes jokes. Firefox crash when I manage one history for more than a month as a simple list, so I don't think that a view in 3D or with pictures can completely be the solution (although I am impatient that these options are available). I think we must, in addition, split the history.

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A cursor for differentiate external links

vendredi 10 juillet 2009 [19:45:24]

exemple of cursor on a normal and external link

Here is a cursor to differentiate externals links of a website : clearest than a different layout, more visual than a precision in the title and less bulky than an icon next to.

Cet article existe aussi en version française.

To select the external links, no need to add rel="external". Lachlan Hunt propose a tip who work with all modern browsers. I separate it in 2 part to obtain a valid code.

I select links starting with http:// or https, and I put the cursor. Then, I rescind the rule if the link starts with the address of my personal site.

	cursor:url("external.cur"), default;

Here is the cursor in png (5ko), and the psd file (26ko) for those who want modify it. I don't know the license for the cursors, so I put my creation in public domain

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A plugin to create a model for the Logz

jeudi 2 juillet 2009 [12:57:19]

Here is a plugin to easily create a model for a Logz : choose the columns arrangement and then fill them at your leisure. You can then display the code, and cut/paste it in a new model (to create one, chose any model and click on the duplication icon. Give a name to your model, then it appears with personal models). Download (25ko, Copyleft Licence Art Libre)

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My Hreflang style on

samedi 27 juin 2009 [12:21:58]

I post my style for hreflang on, which allows us to share user styles. With Firefox, we can "install" it via the Stylish add-on, an extension who allows to adds and manage styles that we normally put in UserContent.css. Note it's too possible (in others ways) with IE, Opera, Safari, Greasemonkey, and probably other browsers.

Cet article existe aussi en version française.

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Ubiquity scripts for Web development

mardi 23 juin 2009 [19:34:11]

Somes littles scripts for Ubiquity, for you who make websites. They submit url of the current page on wich you work, to a "tool page" to validate HTML, CSS, links or accessibility, or to assess the loading time. That allow you to check your code in a far and easy way.

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For proper display hreflang

samedi 13 juin 2009 [16:46:43]

Here is a CSS method to display the target language of a link (hreflang attribute) next to it. This target language is an essential information, especially when it is different of the text who contain it. We can display it with "CSS generated-content", with a combination of rules that we get a very supple method, who include a lot of scenario. You can find this style on

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New start

mercredi 3 juin 2009 [18:19:48]

I've finally reach it ! After reorganize and re-design (thanks to Loz for the help and to Mark James for icones), my website is starting ! I seriously will publish - and rewrite - content, to fill Categories with a weekly rhythm.

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Bookmarks Interface

jeudi 8 janvier 2009 [11:54:31]

As I have a new bookmark classification system, I search new ways to search and display them. I was inspired by the idea of Wei Zhou : previews during search. It just missing some possibilities of sorting and informations on bookmarks, so I realise interface mock-ups.

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Bookmarks Classification

samedi 3 janvier 2009 [21:27:38]

I propose a new bookmarks classification system, to exit the impractical arborescent storage. I ask "why we bookmark ?" and make a sort system with 3 category 01:

  • Data
  • Tools
  • Websites
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