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A cursor for differentiate external links

vendredi 10 juillet 2009 [19:45:24]

exemple of cursor on a normal and external link

Here is a cursor to differentiate externals links of a website : clearest than a different layout, more visual than a precision in the title and less bulky than an icon next to.

Cet article existe aussi en version française.

To select the external links, no need to add rel="external". Lachlan Hunt propose a tip who work with all modern browsers. I separate it in 2 part to obtain a valid code.

I select links starting with http:// or https, and I put the cursor. Then, I rescind the rule if the link starts with the address of my personal site.

	cursor:url("external.cur"), default;

Here is the cursor in png (5ko), and the psd file (26ko) for those who want modify it. I don't know the license for the cursors, so I put my creation in public domain

lien permanent

A plugin to create a model for the Logz

jeudi 2 juillet 2009 [12:57:19]

Here is a plugin to easily create a model for a Logz : choose the columns arrangement and then fill them at your leisure. You can then display the code, and cut/paste it in a new model (to create one, chose any model and click on the duplication icon. Give a name to your model, then it appears with personal models). Download (25ko, Copyleft Licence Art Libre)

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For proper display hreflang

samedi 13 juin 2009 [16:46:43]

Here is a CSS method to display the target language of a link (hreflang attribute) next to it. This target language is an essential information, especially when it is different of the text who contain it. We can display it with "CSS generated-content", with a combination of rules that we get a very supple method, who include a lot of scenario. You can find this style on

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